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    Controlled and Managed 1:1 with KUNO and CurriculumLoft

    Unlike similar mobile tablets, KUNO's open-architecture Android operating system allows for compatibility with device management software. KUNO is able to offer schools an effective way to implement their one-to-one initiatives with the CurriculumLoft Mobile Learning Solution (MLS).

    CurriculumLoft starts with CurriculumLoft Cloud, a web-based platform where teachers collaborate to create, share, and manage customized curriculum for each course. Then CurriculumLoft Explore1to1 takes that custom content and pushes it to the student device level where it's stored locally, allowing students to access class resources from anywhere- even when Internet access is not available. By simply entering his school or any other WiFi location, a student's KUNO is automatically updated with any new content.

    With CurriculumLoft Expore1to1, student devices can be managed from a teacher, school, and even district level. Only the student's individualized course materials (and other teacher-approved apps and resources) can be accessed from her KUNO. By using student roster data, CurriculumLoft Explore1to1 pulls only the relevant resources for each individual student based on his or her class schedule.

    Visit to learn more, and contact us to learn how KUNO and CurriculumLoft can help meet your school's one-to-one goals.

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