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Recorded webinar: Hear this Technology Director’s story about how his school went one-to-one with KUNO tablets.
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Take learning beyond the classroom

KUNO′s lightweight yet durable design and its open-architecture Android OS make it ideal for one-to-one environments. Empower students to research, take digital notes, and access course materials both in and out of the classroom. Let them learn the way that makes sense to them-- through technology.

Most educators agree on the potential to increase collaboration and student engagement with mobile learning, but they also share concerns about how to maintain control of the devices. However, in conjunction with CurriculumLoft’s MLS (mobile learning solution), districts can wirelessly manage KUNO devices, apps, and curriculum delivery.

Textbooks may soon be as rare as chalk in the classroom. Save those funds (and your students′ backs) by delivering digital content via KUNO.

Video: How has KUNO impacted student engagement and achievement?

Higher Education and Training

KUNO’s collaboration and engagement potential extends into higher education and training environments as well, such as corporate or government. The ability to stay connected with instructional resources on the go takes learning to a whole new level.

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