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The protective KUNO case doubles as a table stand thanks to its swivel back. Thick padding and a plastic backing prevent sharp objects from damaging the device.

Protective KUNO tablet Case
KUNO tablet Keyboard


The full-size keyboard with touchpad mouse is an ideal alternative to the KUNO's on-screen version for long amounts of time. Note taking and word processing become easier as the tablet takes on the shape and functionality of a traditional laptop. The keyboard simply sits in front of the KUNO and connects via a wired connection instead of Bluetooth.

Keyboard Case

Protect your KUNO Keyboard during transport. A back pocket also holds small accessories such as a cleaning cloth, stylus, or cords.

KUNO Keyboard Case
Capacitive KUNO Stylus


Annotate and control the KUNO with precision.

Cleaning Cloth

Keep the KUNO clean with this compact micro fiber cloth.

Cleaning Cloth for KUNO tablet
KUNO Powerpack


For those times students come to class and have forgotten to pre-charge their devices, the 12,000 mAh mobile power station includes a 9V charger for the KUNO and double USB 5V charging outputs. Charge the KUNO and other devices anytime, even without an electrical outlet. The Powerpack's LED indicator lights let you know when your devices are fully charged. KUNO Powerpacks are a smart accessory to keep in the classroom.

Mini SD Cards

Expand the storage of your KUNO devices with these removable 16 or 32GB Mini SD cards.

sd memory cards


The VaultTab¹¹ is a portable charging system for KUNO tablets. Simultaneously charge up to 11 devices. Each system is made of secure metal with locking capability, but is also lightweight and can be transported from room to room.

Educational Accessory Pack

Get the keyboard, keyboard case, two styluses, and a cleaning cloth for one low price!